Trade Size

Only you know your financial situation and goals and only you can decide how much you are comfortable risking.  However, we do suggest trade size for each setup.  A trade size of 1 is 1:1 leverage.  For example, a trade size of 1 on USDJPY for a $10,000 account would trade a notional amount of $10,000 USDJPY.  Basically, a trade size of 1 is your account size and 100 pips (USD based) = 1%.  We used to employ a sliding scale of 1.25 – 5 x leverage in which a trade size of .25 was 1.25 x leverage, a trade size of .50 was 2.50 x leverage but I don’t think many understood the accounting.  Under the old reporting, a 100 pip USD gain on a trade size of 0.25 was recorded as a 25 pip gain even though the % gain on the account was 1.25%.  A full pip was 5 x leverage, which doesn’t happen often.  Under the new reporting, 100 pips on a trade size of 1 is 100 pips (1%).  100 pips on a trade size of 0.5 is 50 pips (0.5%).  100 pips on a trade size of 2 is 200 pips (2%) etc.  Simplification is usually a good thing.

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On average, 10-12 trades a month are entered EITHER via the SB Swing Update (published daily after the New York close in the format below) OR under Pending Trades OR via the SB Squawk private Twitter feed.  Stops are trailed (notice how stops are on other side of entry in the example below) and targets adjusted to Active Trades at this page too.

Sample Swing Trades:tradeexample

Intraday Charts

Intra-day trading, sometimes referred to day trading or ‘scalping’, is a style of trading that seeks to take advantage of near-term price movements and is geared towards reducing the length of exposure time in the market. While the targeted movements are much smaller in size, they are more frequent and as such, offer traders a wider array of opportunities throughout the trading week.

While this technique is not suitable for all traders, it does provide a reference to near-term price action within the context of the larger encompassing trend. For those with an appetite for the market, intra-day trading offers more opportunities, shorter hold times and more flexibility without having to be committed to a longer-duration trade idea or bias.

Intra-day Charts are updated each day (much more often when market conditions warrant) with the operative scalp bias, targets & invalidation levels. *Note that due to the near-term nature of the strategy trade-by-trade posts will not be made for intra-day setups. Trades will be discussed/reviewed in the daily live intra-day sessions.

Daily Scalp Webinars  (Tuesday-Thursday)-  Join in Live webinars as we review current / pending setups and takes your strategy questions. Get fast up-to-the-second releases of the Major US data prints as well as live analysis and commentary on the largest market moving events.

Sample Single Currency Scalp Log:

EURAUD Sample Scalp


Sample Single Currency Scalp Log:

Sample Scalp 8-10-2015


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